Training Retreats

Training Retreats

Price: $2,700 (3 weeks)

Our most effective way to get your dog on a path to obedient behavior. Utilizing our proven methods, we execute a training program tailor made to meet your needs, and your dog’s personality and behavioral history. By the time they return home, not only will they be obedient, but also an active participant in their own training.

Group Classes Hunter Canine

Group Classes

Price: Varies By Level

Our group classes are designed to both increase your dogs obedience and teach you how to understand your dogs thoughts, motivations, and behaviors. With classes ranging from puppy to advanced we have something for dogs and owners of all ages and experience levels.

Holiday Retreats Hunter Canine

Holiday Retreats

Price: $60 Per Night (3 Night Minimum)

Take the worry, hassle, and stress of finding a place for your dog to stay while you go on vacation. Mini Retreats at Hunter Canine offer you and your dog a comfortable, familiar place to stay and additional training that will enhance their behavior upon your return.

Rattlesnake Avoidance

Rattlesnake Avoidance

Price: $90 (initial training), $80 (refresh)

This quick 20 minute training session is an absolute must for any dog living in the Valley. By teaching your dog an avoidance response to the scent and sound of a rattlesnake, they become a effective and reliable line of defense against a potentially deadly encounter with a snake.


Private Lessons

Price: In-Home $180-$200, at Hunter Canine- $120

Work 1-on-1 with a member of our training staff to troubleshoot any problems you are encountering with your dog. Whether we come to your house or you come to us, you will get the attention, knowledge, skills, and practice necessary to make long lasting changes in your dogs level of focus and obedience.


Swimming And Dock Diving

Price: Varies By Service

Don’t let the summer heat slow your dog down – instead build their confidence, burn off tons of energy and provide them with the mental stimulation they require. Our beautiful new, state of the art dock diving pool is the perfect place for dogs and owners to have fun and stay cool together year round.

Dog agility hunter canine


Price: $275 For 8 weeks

A one stop shop where you are able to not only have fun with your dog, but also increase their confidence, build a stronger bond, and test your obedience. We offer lessons for dogs and owners of any experience level. Try it out and see firsthand all of the benefits agility has to offer.

Lure Course Training Hunter Canine

Lure Coursing

Price: 5 Runs For $20, 10 Runs For $35

Do you have a dog that just loves to chase things? If so, lure coursing is the place for you and your dog to be. A high flying game of cat and mouse, lure coursing is a great way to let your dog burn off some of their excess energy from a long week with you at work, and for you to meet other dog enthusiasts.