Rattlesnake Avoidance Training For Dogs

Rattlesnake Avoidance

Price: $90 (Initial Rattlesnake Avoidance Dog Training), $80 (renewal) 

The single, most important item to understand when you are considering having your dog snake avoidance trained is to understand dog behavior itself. Some trainers might be "Reptile Experts", but does that benefit you and your dog? As professional dog trainers, our staff works with hundreds of dogs every year on a daily basis outside of just snake avoidance training (not including the additional 400-500 dogs we snake train each year). In other words, as experienced dog trainers, we are ensuring that not only your dog understands snake avoidance, but that you have the correct understanding as well. What was your dog's initial response? Does your dog have a fight or flight response? What are the ques your dog will give you now that they have completed the training? It is imperative for a trainer to understand how to "read" a dog and their thought process. Every dog is different. 

There are many theories on "what is the best technique to have my dog trained?" Our technique is very simple and proven with THOUSANDS of dogs. READ CAREFULLY: Of the five senses, what sensory organ does your dog use every day, more than any other? Their nose. Scent is the most important factor to take into account when teaching rattlesnake avoidance. Sound is almost just as equally important, however, on rare occasions, we have to realize that not all rattlers are going to "rattle" before they strike. Sight is huge on our list as humans because our nose is not even comparable to a dog's sense, but most rattlers are difficult to see as they are extremely camouflaged to both you and your dog. In many snake bite encounters, neither you nor your dog even saw the snake, but the painful swelling on your leg or your dog's face seem to tell you otherwise. Being said, our rattlesnake avoidance training focuses on scent #1, sound #2, and sight #3. The only proven method used by any reputable rattlesnake avoidance dog trainer is with and electronic collar. A dog is given a quick stimulous to pair a negative association with the rattler, no different than the feeling of a TENS nerve stimulation unit you use at home. It is our responsibility to not only be impecable with the timing of the stimulation, but as we are the one's handling your dog, teach them an appropriate response (flight response). Our trainers will provide a complete briefing on the result of the training. We use live, unaltered native rattlesnakes in custom made mesh enclosures. These small encloures can be moved anywhere in a desert surrounding to resemble a "real" encounter, yet ensure the safety of your dog at all times. We have an entire 5 acre desert preserve area at our facility dedicated to rattlesnake avoidance trainings. 

More species of rattlesnakes live in Arizona than any other state in the country. Why risk the pain and cost of having you or your dog be a victim of a venomous bite, when your dog is the only effective means of detecting their presence in the environment? Your dog's trained response, will make a difference.

Benefits of Rattlesnake Aversion Training For Dogs

  • Quick 10-15 minute training session
  • Eliminate costly hospital and veterinary bills
  • More effective than vaccination

 Additional Information

  • Please Call or Email to Schedule
  • Pre-registration is required
  • Space is limited to 10 dogs per day