About Us


Our Training Philosophy

At Hunter Canine we believe in helping you to create a positive training relationship with your dog. By focusing on teaching your dog the appropriate way to respond to a variety of situations, he or she will not only learn how to behave obediently, but also become an active participant in their training and in pleasing you.

Chad Hunter

Our Trainers

As a small training facility, we are able to create a personal relationship with all of our clients and their dogs. Furthermore, we are dedicated to ensuring you and your dog have a great training experience. Please take a minute to find out some more about who we are and some of the things we have accomplished as trainers.


Our Facility

Simply put there is no nicer place in Arizona to train your dog. Our immaculate, state of the art facility is unmatched in its ability to offer you a variety of different training environments – all of which mimic those you will face in everyday life. As a result, your dog learns proper behaviors in a variety of settings and scenarios, significantly improving their overall focus and obedience.

Irish Wolfhound?


Choosing a dog trainer is not a task that should be taken lightly. A good trainer can do wonders with your dog, bad ones can “ruin” them. We expect you to have plenty of questions for us about who we are and the services we offer. Here you will find the answers to many of the most common ones we are asked.