Agility Training

Dog Agility Training in Phoenix, Arizona



Price: $375 For 6 Weeks

More than just a high speed, adrenaline filled sport, agility is an incredible activity for any dog owner looking for a fun way to exercise, build focus, increase engagement, and challenge their dog.

Working through a series of obstacles and commands, you and your dog will not only have a ton of fun, but will develop a sense of trust and companionship like never before.

The increased focus and mental stimulation that is required of them during every class, quickly leads to a more balanced, and obedient dog in all areas of their life. Even shy and nervous dogs benefit greatly from the increased confidence that results from agility training.

With classes for owners and dogs of all sizes, ages, speeds, and ability levels, we offer a training program for everyone. Join us today and realize everything that agility has to offer!


**Must have completed Beginner Obedience or our Training Retreat.