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Chad hunter hunter canine
Chad Hunter belgian Malinois

Chad Hunter

Owner & Training Director

Chad Hunter is arguably one of the most reputable dog trainers in Phoenix, Arizona. His story is not like most trainers in which they became a “professional dog trainer” at a much later point in life by one day working with dogs. Nor did he attend a dog training school in his 30s. His involvement with dog training is a story he is more than proud of. This is something he was born into. His mother had a passion for dogs when she was a young girl, leading her to showing and training dogs for more than 20 years of her life. In fact, dog training is exactly how Chad’s parents met. Not only was Chad born into a dog training family, but even his Mother’s horse training business was implemented into his everyday life. Understanding animal psychology was virtually a requirement in his household.

At 8 years old, Chad was showing his Border Collies in 4H and competing in open class dog agility. At the age of 16, he was helping manage a local dog training facility and teaching several group obedience and agility classes throughout the week. At this time, he was helping dozens of clients with common dog behavioral issues. By the time he reached the age of 20, Chad had worked with hundreds of dogs in various disciplines. At that point, not only was he working with everyday pets, he was working with police dogs, personal protection dogs, narcotics dogs, service dogs, therapy dogs, and even hunting dogs. Most of which he still does today. 

The idea behind Chad starting Hunter Canine was not to just simply train dogs, he wanted to share his experience and true passion. Simply put and Chad’s favorite quote, “You Can Not Teach Experience.” Nearly all dog trainers spend a massive investment in time, money, and emotion to try and learn about dog training. There are very few trainers in the world that have had the privilege of interacting with well over thousands of dogs as Chad has and actually been able to apply what they have learned. He has learned by doing it. Hands on with a countless number of dogs since he was a child. He has traveled all over the world (Canada, Europe, Mexico) dozens of times just to train dogs. He has found mistakes along the way, provided solutions, and most importantly, been able to communicate with clients on how they take role as a responsible dog owner. 

By the age of 25, Chad had worked with more dogs than most dog trainers have in 40 years of business. He has trained professionally since 2003. His training facility / Phoenix dog trainers have provided families and their pets with more successful outcomes than any other facility in the Southwest.

A few recent accomplishments:
  • Over 10,000 dogs trained in private lessons, group classes (485 dogs in 2018 alone), and Board and Trains (540 dogs in 2018 alone)
  • 3 time North American Champion (2014,2015,2017)
  • Breeder and trainer of multiple law enforcement, military, and sport dogs since 2009
  • Certified CGC evaluator
  • Member of the Association of Pet Dog Trainers
  • Training Director of French Ring Club, Copper State Ring Club
  • Certified NARA French Ring Level 2 Decoy
  • NARA International French Ring Judge (youngest judge in history of the organization)
  • Competed in over 100 competitions with more than 70 first place finishes with 7 different dogs
  • 2013 NARA Western Regional Ring 3 Champion
  • 2013 NARA Ring 3 Vice Champion
  • 2014 Canadian Ring Championship decoy
  • 2014 NARA Western Regional Ring 3 Champion
  • 2014 NARA Ring 3 National Grand Champion
  • 2015 NARA Western Regional Ring 3 Vice Champion
  • 2016 NARA Ring 3 Western Regional Vice Champion
  • 2016 NARA Ring 3 Cup Champion
  • 2016 NARA Ring 3 National Grand Champion
  • 2017 NARA Western Regional Ring 3 Vice Champion
  • 2017 NARA Ring 3 Cup Champion
  • 2017 NARA Ring 3 National Grand Champion
  • 2017 NARA Ring 3 Domestic Grand Champion
  • 2021 NARA Ring 3 Cup Champion
  • 2022 NARA Western Regional Ring 1 Champion
  • 2022 NARA Western Regional Ring 3 Champion
  • 2022 NARA Ring 1 National Grand Champion

Arguably the most accomplished dog trainer before the age of 30, in the world. Chad’s success in the dog training industry is not only due to his day-to-day management of his business, but he takes great pride in his immaculate facility and his staff and their abilities as the best dog trainers in Phoenix. Most importantly, building long term relationships with customers has been the #1 reason for his success with a 100% referral based business. “Our facility will EXCEED YOUR EXPECTATIONS.”