Our Facility

Located on a beautiful, clean, and meticulously maintained 12 acre ranch in North Phoenix, Hunter Canine is the premier dog training facility in the Phoenix Valley.

Our state of the art, modern kennel facility was designed with your dog in mind. The large, climate controlled kennel runs are kept cool via swamp coolers and a high pressure misting system. Additionally, our air-conditioned crate rooms provide your dog his or her own individual space to escape the heat and comfortably sleep at night. Our staff utilizes a 24 hour video monitoring allowing us to guarantee their comfort and safety any time of day.

Our 25,000 square foot lighted grass training field is the like having an exclusive private dog park at your footsteps. Moreover, you get to relax knowing you are in a controlled environment, and thus focus all of your attention on improving your dogs behavior and meeting your training goals.