Dog Training Group Classes

Dog Training Classes for Beginners - Advanced




Price: $400 For 6 Weeks

Our basic obedience dog training classes teach dog owners how to understand their dogs behavior, and motivate them to behave obediently. With a focus on showing your dog the value and reward associated with listening to you, they become active and willing participants in their training.



Price: $325 For 6 Weeks

In Intermediate obedience, we sharpen your dogs’ obedience and focus, especially in distracting situations. By providing you with the knowledge and skills necessary to properly understand your dogs behaviors and motivations, you will increase your handling skills and your dog will be more obedient than ever.



Price: $275 For 6 Weeks

Our Advanced Obedience class is designed to make your dog the envy of the neighborhood. By working through a series of challenging commands and scenarios, you and your dog will not only perfect the art of obedience, but more importantly strengthen the positive working relationship you formed in previous dog training classes.

canine good citizen prep

Canine Good Citizen Prep

Price: $325 For 6 Weeks

Canine Good Citizen Prep classes at Hunter Canine enable you and your dog to live up to the CGC motto of “Responsible Owners, Well Mannered Dogs”. Working through a wide range of real world situations and variables, we will prepare you and your dog to pass the CGC test with ease.



Price: $325 For 6 Weeks

Rally is a popular dog sport that is a combination of both obedience and agility. This can be just for fun, or competition based. We strongly encourage EVERYONE to try our Rally classes as they are a blast!