Beginner Group Classes

Price: $300 For 6 Weeks


Beginner’s classes at Hunter Canine are designed to educate owners how to recognize, understand, and proactively manage the behaviors of their dog. We have over 450 beginner obedience students a year!

Through the use of engaging activities and exercises, you will learn how to focus your dogs energy and motivate them to behave obediently, even in distracting environments.

In addition, your dog will have the opportunity to socialize with other people and dogs in a relaxed and controlled learning environment, where everyone is on the same page.

Our beginners class curriculum covers:

  • Sitting on command
  • Downing on command
  • Staying on command
  • Coming to you when called
  • Leaving something when told
  • Walking on a loose leash at your side
  • Respecting your personal space
  • Remaining focused and engaged with you