Dog Training Camps (Training Retreats)

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3 Week Dog Training Camp Price: $3,750

Arizona's #1 Board and Train Program just got even better!

OUR MOST SUCCESSFUL AND POPULAR PROGRAM TO DATE! (Over 400 dogs complete our Dog Training Camps program annually!)

Dog Training Camps (Training Retreats) are the most efficient and effective way to get your dog on a path to positive behavior. Utilizing our proven training system, we quickly overcome all of your dogs behavioral problems and equip you with the tools to easily do the same.

The program begins with a comprehensive behavioral evaluation and orientation session with you and your dog at the time of Check-In. Because every dog comes to us for a different reason, during this session we will discuss all of the behavioral issues you are experiencing with your dog, as well as your overall goals for training.

With this information in hand, we begin a three week process of reprogramming your dog to be a better version of what it once was. Utilizing our proven methods, we expertly work your dog through their custom program which will teach them how to be well balanced, calm, polite and obedient.

During their stay, you will come in for two, one-on-one lessons with one of our Senior Trainers. During these sessions we will begin the process of helping you understand conceptually your dog’s specific behavioral patterns. More importantly, we will begin incorporating you back into the training, and teach you all of the skills and techniques that you will be using when your dog returns home to you.

Even more, once your dog is home we continue the process of helping you to maintain the training we have done, and reinforce their learning so that it lasts a lifetime. During the included follow-up group classes you will have a positive, controlled environment to practice and sharpen all of your dog’s fancy new skills and behavioral patterns. Plus, you will receive more tools, tips, and tricks that will help you tackle any situation which may arise in your daily life.

Working through this multi-faceted approach to training, you and your dog will develop the knowledge and communication skills necessary to achieve positive behaviors in any setting or environment. With their new calm, polite, and obedient behaviors you will not only enjoy them more because they are well behaved, but because of how much more they will be part of your life as a result of being well behaved.

Training Camp Breakdown:

  • Behavioral Evaluation at Check-In (sitting down with a Senior Trainer to discuss your dog's behaviors)
  • Minimum of 4 one-on-one training sessions daily 

Each training session will be a custom catered experience to teach your dog the following:

  • Loose leash walking
  • Basic commands (heel, sit, down, stay, & come)
  • Impulse control (working around everyday distractions)
  • Place bed skills
  • Proper interaction with people and dogs
  • How to ride along side a bicycle
  • Crate training 
  • "Leave it" and "drop it"
  • Respectfully walking through doorways
  • Loading in and out of a car
  • Addressing and specific behavioral issues with your dog

The Training Retreat experience also includes:

  • Daily socialization / play groups / exercise
  • Weekly field trips (Desert Ridge, Home Depot, Kierland Shopping Center, etc.)
  • Weekly agility (fall / winter) or swimming (spring / summer) sessions
  • Minimum of 3 hours of Private Training with you and your dog at our facility during their stay. These are broken up into two lessons. A Demo (2 weeks into your dog's stay) and a Transition (day your dog returns home) and are approximately 1.5 hours each session. 
  • Three Follow-Up group obedience classes (1 hour each) at our facility after your dog goes home
  • Lifetime phone and email support 
  • Exclusive access to Holiday Retreats: Our short term boarding and training refresher option for when you go out of town and need a place for your dog to stay 

**Our Training Retreats book very quickly, as we do have limited space. Please contact us ASAP should you have any questions and would like to find out about availability.** 


In-home Training Retreat: $4,450

Your dog not only receives the perks of a standard retreat, but they will also be going home with an assigned senior trainer and receiving additional home-style training. Limited availibility. Please call us to learn more. 


4 Week Off-Leash Training Retreat: $5,000

This option is ideal for outdoorsy families who love to take their dogs on adventures. It includes all the benefits of our standard retreat, plus another great tool in your toolbox! We condition your dog to an electronic collar by pairing everything it has learned on a leash.
This package includes an additional follow-up class and an electronic collar. 

In-home option: $6,000