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Price: $325 For 6 Weeks

Intermediate classes move you and your dog far beyond the basics of obedience, providing you with knowledge, understanding, and tools needed to bring obedience to the next level.

With a focus on teaching you how to identify and understand your dogs behaviors and responses to different situations, your handling skills will improve immensely.

With your improved handling skills in hand, we challenge your dog to learn new and more advanced commands, helping to create a positive training relationship and overall stronger bond between you and your dog.

Our intermediate class curriculum covers:

  • Recalling to you from a distance
  • Maintaining a stay with you at a distance
  • Standing on command
  • Going to a designated “place”
  • Maintaining obedience under heavy distraction
  • Politely greeting friendly strangers
  • Navigating through crowds of people or dogs
  • Basic off-leash obedience


**Must have completed Beginner Obedience or our Training Retreat.