Private Lessons

Private Lessons

Price: In-Home $275, at Hunter Canine- $150*

*Private Lessons are offered only to clients and their dogs that have completed our Training Retreat program*


Private lessons offer you the individualized attention and education you need to eliminate problematic behaviors, and maximize your training efforts.

During our initial evaluation, we complete a comprehensive behavioral evaluation of your dog and his or her behavior. Using this information, we customize a training program based on their behavioral profile and your specific needs.

During each lesson, we utilize our proven methods to eliminate problem behaviors, accelerate your dogs understanding of commands, and improve their overall obedience. Even more, we provide you with the instruction, education, and practice to be able to maximize training results in between sessions.

With the added flexibility of being able to choose your time, and training location, private lessons offer you everything you need to get your dog on a path to happy obedience.

 Private Lessons Include:

  • Customized training program developed to meet your needs and your dogs personality
  • Extensive education on how to properly motivate and engage your dog
  • Individualized training on how to use our proven methods
  • Intensive coaching during each session to accelerate results

*In Home price varies based on distance from our facility.