Rattlesnake Avoidance

Rattlesnake Avoidance

*We have completed rattlesnake training for 2018 season. We will restart training March 2019. Please call or email us to be added to our 2019 wait list*


Price: $90 (initial training), $80 (renewal) 

More species of rattlesnakes live in Arizona than any other state in the country. Why risk the pain and cost of having you or your dog be a victim of a venomous bite, when your dog is the only effective means of detecting their presence in the environment?

Using your dogs naturally superior abilities to identify specific scents and sounds from a great distance, we are able to quickly teach them to distinguish the scent and sounds of rattlesnakes from all of the others in the environment.

By training your dog an avoidance behavior in response to the detection of these stimuli, he or she will become a personal alarm system to their presence, helping you to avoid a potentially dangerous situation.

Benefits of snake proofing

  • Quick 10 – 15 minute training session
  • Eliminates costly hospital and veterinary bills
  • More effective than vaccination

 Additional Information

  • Please Call or Email to Schedule.
  • Pre-registration required.
  • Space is limited to 10 dogs per day.